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Environmental Protection

1. For the labor safety and health, the Company have established the “Best Practices for Health and Safety” pursuant to the regulations of the competent authorities for the employee to adhere for health and safety issues. To coordinate, plan, supervise, and promote the labor health and safety affairs, pursuant to the “Directions of Occupational Safety and Health Management,” the occupational health and safety personnel are established to promote the management of health and safety, as well as to conduct the automatic inspections.

2. The Best Practices for Health and Safety of the Company is to prevent the accidents, promote the safety and health of the employees, and protect the assets of the Company through the spirit of management as planning, executing, inspecting, and acting. The safety management of the Company and subsidiaries, not only strives to prevent accidents, but also draft the contingency plans for disasters. In case of disasters, the plans will protect the safety of employees, and prevent or reduce the impacts from the accidents to the society and environment. Also, the Company and subsidiaries have improved the working environment based on the characteristics of the operation sites, to provide a safe and comfortable working environment.

3. The key points of the Best Practices for Health and Safety of the Company are to construct a safe working environment, actively prevent the occupational injuries and diseases, protect the mental and physical health of employees, and deepen the awareness to environment, health and safety among the employees, as well as the responsibility assumptions and cultural cultivation. Besides, the regular health check is provided to all employees to ensure their health.

4. Except the regular fire extinguish system by the Company, the regular fire drills are also conducted regularly along with the management center of the building, to focus on the improvement of management and hardware. There is an access control. No entrance is allowed without permits, so the safety of the employees is secured.

5. The Company has incorporated the issue of greenhouse gas reduction into risk management, continuously assessed the potential risks and opportunities of climate change, and proactively promoted energy conservation and carbon reduction, and water reduction and other waste management plans.


(1) The Company has adopted a "5-Year Environmental Sustainability Development Strategy and Target Plan" and reach the goal of achieving an average growth rate of greenhouse gas emissions of no more than 5% in 2025 in order to mitigate the impact of climate change.

(2) Choose energy-saving products such as LED lighting, and continue to promote e-forms system. It is expected that the annual reduction of per capita emissions by 1% will be achieved in 2021, and the target of reducing emissions by 1% in 2022 will be achieved. In addition, water-saving management was promoted, and water-saving efficiency was set for a five-year period to achieve the goal of 1% annual water saving rate.


(3) To grasp the direction of the wastes, the Company carefully select the vendors for waste disposal and recycling, to reduce and recycle the wastes for reduction of environmental risks.