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Internal Audit


Internal Audit System

The Company shall, pursuant to the Regulations Governing Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies, design and fully enforce the internal control system in consideration of the overall operating activities of the Company and its subsidiaries, and shall review the said system at any time in response to environment changes inside and outside of the Company to ensure the design and implementation of the system continues to be effective.

The audit unit conducts internal audits strictly in accordance with policies in the utmost objectivity. It assists the board of directors and managers by constantly reviewing the effectiveness of internal control systems and operating efficiency.



Internal Audit Organization

We have an internal audit unit that reports directly to the board of directors.

Appointment, dismissal, evaluation and review, salary and compensation of internal auditors of the Company shall be reported to the board of directors.

The evaluation results of the internal auditors of the Company were reported to the board of directors on November 2, 2021.



Internal Audit Operation

The Company shall fully perform self-assessments of its internal control system. Its board of directors and management shall review the results of the self-assessments of by each department at least annually and review the audit reports of the internal audit department on a quarterly basis. The audit committee shall also attend to and supervise these matters accordingly. The Company shall establish communication channels and mechanisms between the audit committees and internal auditors. Directors shall periodically hold discussion with the Company’s internal auditors to review the deficiencies of the internal control system. A record of the discussions shall be kept and all the deficiencies shall be followed up and fully improved and then report to the board of directors.