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Stakeholder Contacts
APEC understands the concerns of stakeholders and communicates with them through communication channels. In addition to daily business interactions with stakeholders through various forms and channels, APEC also has a contact email on the APEC’s website as the basic communication with stakeholders, and the emails will be responded by special personnel.
The stakeholders of the APEC are classified into shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, government, community and media.
Spokesperson   Deputy Spokesperson
Lin-Chung Huang ,President   Mei-Ying Tan, Vice President of Finance & HR Administration Division
TEL: 886-3-6215899 and 886-2-26971299   TEL: 886-3-6215899 and 886-2-26971299
Stakeholders   Contacts
Shareholders   Sindy Wu
TEL: 886-2-26971299
For the transferring of stocks, receiving dividends or allotments, changing the address, reporting loss of stocks, revoking pledge rights, changing seals or reporting loss, and other matters related to stock operations, please contact: stock agency
Yuanta Core Pacific Securities
Address:B1,B2F.,No.210,Sec.3,Chengde Rd., Datong District, Taipei City 103, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
TEL: 886-2-25865859
Customers   Janice Lin
TEL: 886-2-26971299
APEC Online Store:APEC Online Store
New Business
Employees   Kelly Tseng
TEL: 886-3- 6215899
Suppliers   Vivian Wang
TEL: 886-3- 6215899
Government   Sindy Wu
TEL: 886-2-26971299
Community   Kelly Tseng
TEL: 886-3- 6215899
Media   Sindy Wu
TEL: 886-2-26971299