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Organization Chart
Department Function Description
Division Scope of responsibilities
Audit Committee Overseeing the financial reporting and disclosure process.
Monitoring choice of accounting policies and principles.
Monitoring the internal control process.
Overseeing the performance of the internal audit function.
Compensation Committee To discharge the responsibilities of the Board regarding the compensation of the Company's Executive Officers. To provide oversight of the Company's benefit, perquisite and Employee equity programs.
Internal Audit Audit the Company’s system and the enforcement of internal regulations, procedures, and authorization with corrective actions offered.
R&D Division 1. Responsible for design of device specification and mask layout.
2. Responsible for flow control of new product.
3. Responsible for development and improvement of device specification.
4. Responsible for improvement and control of C/P yield of device。
5. Responsible for process transfer to new fab.
6. Responsible for development and improvement of fab.
7. Responsible for fab process improvement base on C/P yield.
Product Engineering Division 1. Responsible for development of product package.
2. Responsible for verification and measure of product specification.
3. Responsible for control of the yield of package factory.
4. Responsible for preparement of data sheet of product specification。
5. Responsible for support and exclusion the technical issues of data sheet of product specification.
6. Responsible for experiment, review and analysis of product reliability.
Product Application Engineering Division 1. Responsible for sales strategy of product.
2. Responsible for development and evaluation of new application of product.
3. Responsible for design of demo-board and draw up the new application report.
4. Responsible for support of new product application and technical problem exclusion.
5. Responsible for support of new product design-in and product promotion.
6. Responsible for issue of product EOL.
7. Responsible for handling of customer complaints with Quality Assurance Division.
Quality Assurance Division 1. Execution of various inspections (incoming materials, manufacturing process and finished products) in order to ensure that the product quality meets customer’s requirements.。
2. Responsible for evaluation and auditing the quality system of supplier and subcontractor.
3. Responsible for prevention and correction of defects related to product quality and quality system, and management of improvement tracking and quality records.
4. Responsible for review of update of operation procedure related to ISO quality system.
Operations Division 1. Responsible for Company’s overall production plan and production scheduling operation.
2. Responsible for subcontractor management.
3. Responsible for material management and incoming and outgoing shipment operation.
4. Responsible for procurement management
5. Responsible for bonded and export/import operation.
6. Responsible for evaluation and survey of supplier and subcontractor.
Finance & HR Administration Division 1. Responsible for planning and enforcement of the Company’s finance, and investment.
2. Responsible for capital planning and scheduling.
3. Responsible for accounting matters, budget preparation and control.
4. Responsible for cost accounting matter.
5. Responsible for management report analysis.
6. Responsible for Tax planning and compliance.
7. Responsible for comprehensive management of such businesses of the Company as personnel, employee training, employee benefits and employee salary.
8. Responsible for general and administrative affairs coordination.
9. Responsible for environmental protection and workplace health promotion.
10.Responsible for plan and implement IT infrastructure and Network operation control.
Sales Division 1. Responsible for product selling and customer service handling.
2. Responsible for annual sales plan.
3. Responsible for development of new customers.
4. Responsible for forecast, analysis and management of orders.
5. Responsible for the maintenance of sales forecast data.
6. Responsible for the maintenance of order data.
7. Responsible for shipping scheduling operations.
8. Responsible for collecting of accounts receivable.