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Dividend Policy

The type and percentage of such distributions shall be subject to the company's dividend policy accommodating the future fund demands and long-term financial planning. The Articles of Incorporation are as following:

Article 22

Shall there be profit for a Year, no less than 8% shall be contributed as the employees’ compensations, and the format shall be determined by the Board of Directors in shares or cash. The Board may also decide to contribute no higher than 3% of the said profit as the directors’ compensation. The distribution of the employees’ and the directors’ compensation shall be presented in the Shareholders’ Meeting.Shall there be accumulated deficits, the amount to be offset the deficits shall be reserved before distributing the employees’ and the directors’ compensation as previously specified.


Article 23

Shall there be any profit when the annual accounts are settled, the Company shall pay the taxes and replenish the accumulated losses by laws first, and then assign 10% of the remaining profit as the legal reserve. However, if the legal reserve has reached the paid-up capital of the Company, this reserve may be exempted. The special reserve may be appropriated or reversed to the remaining profit. Shall there be any remaining profit, combining the accumulated undistributed earnings, the Board of Directors may prepare a proposal to distribute such profit, and submit the proposal to the annual meeting of shareholders for the dividends.
In consideration of the growth period of the Company and in conjunction with capital needs in future and long-term financial planning in addition to satisfaction to shareholders with respect to the needs of cash flow, it has been decided that cash dividend for distribution to shareholders as shareholder’s dividend under the abovementioned shall not be lower than 10% of the total dividend. However, the type and ratio of this surplus distribution can be adjusted according to the resolution of the shareholders' meeting, depending on the actual profit and capital status of the year.